D M Black

Poetry Publications


With Decorum. Scorpion Press 1967
Penguin Modern Poets 11 (with Peter Redgrove and D.M. Thomas). Penguin 1968
The Educators. Barrie and Rockliffe 1969
The Happy Crow. Edinburgh: Macdonald 1974
Gravitations. Edinburgh: Macdonald 1979
Collected Poems 1964-87. Polygon 1991   
Love as Landscape Painter: Translations from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Fras Publications 2006 and Brindin Press website 2007
Claiming Kindred. Arc Publications 2011
The Arrow-maker. Arc Publications 2017
The Bi-plane and other poems. Edinburgh: Mariscat 2017


British Poetry since 1945, ed Edward Lucie-Smith. Penguin,1970; The Educators; From the Privy Council; Prayer.  
Faber Book of Twentieth Century Scottish Poetry, ed Douglas Dunn. Faber, 1992: From the Privy Council; Kew Gardens.
Emergency Kit, ed Jo Shapcott and Matthew Sweeney. Faber, 1996: The Red Judge; For and Against the Environment.
Generations, ed Melanie Hart and James Loader. Penguin,1998: Kew Gardens.
A Quark for Mister Mark: 101 Poems about Science, ed Maurice Riordan and Jon Turney. Faber, 2000: Kew Gardens.
Apollinaire, ed Robert Chandler. Everyman, 2000: (trs) Apollinaire: Five Poems.  
Best Scottish Poems 2004, ed. Hamish Whyte. Online anthology, Scottish Poetry Library: January 2003.  
Wild Reckoning, ed Maurice Riordan and John Burnside. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2004: For and Against the Environment.
Best Scottish Poems 2011, ed. Roddy Lumsden. Online anthology, Scottish Poetry Library: The Sunlit Surfaces.   

Recent poems in journals

The Surrender of Japan; For All They Knew. Warwick Review March 2013
The Arrow-maker.
Poetry Review 103 Spring 2013
An African Exile in Australia.
Poetry London Summer 2013
The Uses of Mythology.
Long Poem Magazine Spring 2014
Three Poems by Yousef al-Mahmoud: Enemy, Above the Carnations, Abu Hayyan in his own Hand-writing. (Trs with Jona Jan Fras)
Poetry London Summer 2014
An Unexpected Intimacy. Stand 12 (4) Winter 2014
Two Poems: The Buddha Amitabha; The Size of Things.
Theology 117:6 Nov/Dec 2014
Ages of Man/Breaking the News.
Dark Horse 34. June 2015
(Trs) Dante: from Purgatorio XVII.
Modern Poetry in Translation 2, 2015
Two Poems: Questions of  Summer; The Pigeon. In Crazyhorse 88, Fall 2015